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A B C of English Pronunciation

Of all the skills needed in learning, I think, pronunciation is the hardest one to achieve. Unfortunately it is also the most needed one. So why not start everything from here, lets say the a, b c of English sounds. The key to spoken English Language is the fact that there are just 26 words to represent 44 sounds (and more if you take into various other forms of certain sounds). Lets briefly go through them. Out of them 12 are vowel sounds. Now, notice that I am talking of sounds and not letters. These sounds are represented by certain symbols. I must warn you that, limitations to the character representation in our computers can causes some difficulty here. But I have tried my best to get the correct symbols. The pronunciation of these vowels are given below:

1) “ee” sound (represented as /i:/ ) as heard in the words seal, feel, meal etc

2) “e” sound, (represented by /i/ ) the shorter version of the vowel given above. Example bill, mill etc.

There are many different types of “a” sou…