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Spelling Trouble

How do you write the word “trouble”?
I asked this question to three students and here is what I got as the reply:

Do you instinctively cringe at reading this? Then here is my tip on jumping over this language hurdle. It is known as mnemonics. Now, I know it is a silly thing to say. But like many other shortcuts, the most commonplace trick also happens to be the best one also. Therefore, I have given a list of my best mnemonic phrases; most of which are invented by me:

To write ‘freight’ say ‘e’ I am afraid of   fright
The desert with a single snake
Complement is never complete without e.
‘O’ is loose in loose but lost in lose
We shall see a dance after the attendance.
Let us take our course

My personal favourite is the ‘weather’ ‘whether’ confusion removal phrase:
We are at her house since it is raining outside.

This one is a great one for students and teachers (if they want to stay out of trouble):
My pal is the principal.

Here are two great phrases suitable for priest, pastors, and the like:
If only eve had believed   
Repentance is a nice stance

These phrases are the easiest to remember. They are taken from wikiquote:
This is a gem of an arrangement
Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving
It is NECESSARY for a shirt to have one Collar, and two Sleeves (i.e. one C and two S's)
to write ‘together’ say, “to get her”

But what about my original trouble? Here is one phrase to spell trouble:
the troupe babbled.


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Author: Jims Varkey
-English Quick Tips Page

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