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What is the difference between 'born' and 'borne'?

Both the words 'born' as well as 'borne' are the past participle of the words bear.

We usually hear the word 'born' as in the sentence: He was born on 17th February.
In most cases that refer to giving a birth to a child, we use the word 'born'.

The word 'borne' is used more like the words 'carry'. Example:
Cholera is a waterborne disease. Here the word 'borne' is used to mean: 'to carry'. In this particular sentence, this word means that the disease is carried by water.

Take another example: He became a pilot borne out of his childhood fantasy.
Now, to clarify the meaning further, I have made a sentence which uses both the word forms:

The child was born after he was borne by his mother for nine months.

Author: Jims Varkey
-English Quick Tips Page


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Author: Jims Varkey
-English Quick Tips Page

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