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Word Accent Made Easy

Have you ever heard a native British speak. Next time you hear them, listen carefully to what they say. Notice how they gobble up some sounds and give more importance to some other sounds. That is what makes a native speakers speech different from ESL learners from other countries.
Consider the word “frequent”. You just hear the first part of the word (also known as a syllable) and the rest is left unstressed. Now, the problem is that we do not have fixed rules for word accent in English. We got to learn it the hard way. But I can provide here some basic tips that usually (but not always) work.
Tip1:Some sounds are almost always given stress. The vowel sound “ee” for example is stressed in words like “frequent”, “street”, “naughty” etc. Other such sounds are “aa” as in “carpet”.
Tip 2: Some consonant sounds are so prominent that we cannot simply gobble them up. Sounds like “d” (just try to say “digest”) and “g” (just say  “gauge”). Other such sounds are “t” and “k”, “b” etc.
Tip 3: Som…