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Feedback on my online IELTS classes from my student: M Singh

Given below is the feedback from my previous student. The feedback is only from students who attended my classes online and who have explicitly consented to put their details online.

Name: M. Singh

Name of the course: IELTS (All skills)

Age: 34

Final IELTS Score:  Listening-7.0, Reading-7.5, Writing-7.0, Speaking-7.0

Would you like to see your testimonials published in my blog/site (yes, no, summary of testimonial): Yes

Place: Pune (India)
Can prospective learners contact you?

  • Through phone: No
  • Through email: Yes

Address : Pune

I am Maninder Singh, I needed 7.0 each in all the four parts of IELTS to immigrate to AUS.
I appeared for the exam but failed to achieve my target. Then I contacted Jims 2 months ago.  Eventually with his support & Guidance I achieved my target within time."

What was the duration of your online course? : 1.5 Months

Rate my classes on a scale of 1 to 10

As a teacher: 9.5

Vocabulary: 10.0

Grammar: 10.0

Pronunciation: 10.0

Materials Provided: 9.5

Where you able to clear your doubts in time? : 10.0

Where you able to understand all the concepts: 10.0

Where you able to clear your doubts in time? : 10.0

Where you able to understand all the concepts: 10.0

Describe your classes:

We had a one Hour class every day for almost 1.5 Months and Mr. Jims Varkey always used to come prepared for the class. He always have a Task ready for his students. Moreover, his command over English language is excellent. He is very polite, flexible, supportive & a positive person. I used to make lot of mistakes during the class but he never laughed at me neither yelled, instead he used to correct those mistakes. Which helped me to learn very fast.

He always provided study material & helped me in improving my vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking & listening skills a lot.

Any suggestions for improvement:
Author: Jims Varkey
-English Quick Tips Page


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