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What is the difference between 'there', 'they're' and 'their"?

The word "their" is used to mean something that belongs to a group of people. see the examples:

Where is their car?Look at their dirty shoes.Their marks were poor.
The word 'they're' is a shortened version of 'they are'. See the following sentences:

They are going to the park.I think, they are a bunch of idiots.

'There' is used to show a place.

I saw the thief over there.Let us search over there. 'There' is also used to mean something that exists: There are three chairs in the room.There is no place for us to sit.There is no shortcut to success.

Author: Jims Varkey
-English Quick Tips Page

IELTS Cue card-Aeroplane

Talk about the last time you travelled in an aeroplane.Elaborate the reasons for travellingSay when and to where you had travelled.Describe the person who sat next to you.

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